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The top couples rehab programs will offer a tailored medical plan to support you and your partner's needs.

Best Couples Rehab Centers in america 

The Secret of Success

For decades, the idea of substance abuse treatment was thought to be focused on the individual. The treatment community and the public have consistently pushed the idea of recovering alone, stating that alcoholism and other drug abuse are individual problems and most effectively treated on an individual basis.

Couples ip

Couples inpatient drug rehab centers all vary with their duration of stay; however, most treatment centers allow 60 and 90-day drug rehabs for long term treatments.

Couples OP

Each outpatient treatment center is unique in its way; however, they are all focused on allowing the couples to heal and recovery while still maintaining their daily lives

Couples Aftercare

There is an 85 percent chance of relapse for those trying to recover from an addiction, and a lack of extended treatment after detox may be a contributing factor.

Couples BCT

The goal of Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) is to improve the couple’s relationship while building support for abstinence.

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